Comments on Clean Code


So Recently at Code for Pakistan our VP Tech. made it abundantly clear that we ought to watch Uncle Bob’s clean code video lectures. It’s a really good series of videos that make you think about the code you write everyday.

This post is not about the video series but rather about the comments I found very true and witty. Whenever Uncle Bob asks the audience to focus on a particular slide the editor cuts away and focuses on the Uncle Bob’s face. Still don’t know what I am talking about? I will let the following comments explain:

I love that no matter what background we’re coming from, no matter part of the world we are from, we are united in our hatred for the video editor.

Uncle Bob: look at this piece of code
Cameraman: ah I think it’s the signal for a zoom shot of uncle bob’s face

Uncle Bob: Look at this
Editor: haha you wish

“clean code - lesson 2”
starts talking about the origin on the moon
camera man points at an empty sofa
Me: wtf am I watching

I love the lecture, but I want to make the person who edited the video write on an old chalk blackboard “I will not obscure information” about 5000x

I have got a big list of slangs for the editor

Whoever edited this: when he says “look at this” - show the board, not the person!

I hope the comments explain the level of unprofessionalism of the video editing. Thats all for now, keep writing clean code you all!


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