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Pakistan’s National Anthem - Why do we forget?

cropped flag.jpg

While searching for something entirely different we came across a discussion on quora that prompted us to think, why can’t any of us remember our national anthem?

“Wish we had a way of reading the national anthem without having to search for it on google”, said Saqib. The rest is history. We immediately bought a domain, set up a GitHub repo and hunted for TTF files for a variant Nastaliq font. Within 30 minutes we deployed

So the next time you need to remind yourself what our national anthem’s words are. Remember it’s just a URL away. Oh, and the Qomi Tarana project is open source. Feel free to contribute and make it grow. Pakistan Zindabad!

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Comments on Clean Code


So Recently at Code for Pakistan our VP Tech. made it abundantly clear that we ought to watch Uncle Bob’s clean code video lectures. It’s a really good series of videos that make you think about the code you write everyday.

This post is not about the video series but rather about the comments I found very true and witty. Whenever Uncle Bob asks the audience to focus on a particular slide the editor cuts away and focuses on the Uncle Bob’s face. Still don’t know what I am talking about? I will let the following comments explain:

I love that no matter what background we’re coming from, no matter part of the world we are from, we are united in our hatred for the video editor.

Uncle Bob: look at this piece of code
Cameraman: ah I think it’s the signal for a zoom shot of uncle bob’s face

Uncle Bob: Look at this
Editor: haha you wish

“clean code - lesson 2”
starts talking about the...

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Awesome Civic Tech Ideas


Have you ever wondered what you can do more for your city? Are you a developer with some really good software skills? Do you hunger to solve problems that a common citizen faces?

If you are trying to find an awesome idea to work on in your free time, then look no further because we at Code for Pakistan has this amazing curated list of civic tech ideas on our Github. It’s an open-source list we are trying to maintain.

Have a really cool idea that you think should be on the list? Feel free to fork and submit a pull request.

If you do end up working on any of the above ideas, please do let me know. I would love to help in any way I can.

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Redeploying Part-1


Some unique and exciting circumstances require us to redeploy for a government stakeholder. If I am honest, this seems like a huge undertaking. As cool as this sounds, the whole project scares me. I mean, look at this architecture diagram:

download (8).png

To get this behemoth of a project right, I am trying to understand its guts. It’s not your typical off the mill web application that you can fork, customize, and rebuild. It is more of a tech stack to build applications on top off.

The recommended way to build applications for is to use their docker based dev environment. Let’s see how far I get. This is the first of a series of posts I will be making on this expedition

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