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Hey, I am Ali! Builder of stuff.

As a detail-oriented software architect, I bring precision and passion to every project I tackle. From building cutting-edge software to exploring the latest trends in civic tech, gaming, and 3D printing, I am always pushing the boundaries of what's possible. In my free time, I enjoy sharing my insights and experiences through my blog, giving readers a glimpse into the exciting world of tech and innovation. Let's build something cool together!, an LLM based Insult Generator for devs

Learning Prompt Engineering with GPT-3

Up & Running with PostgreSQL with Docker

A docker compose file to quickly sping up a PostgreSQL instance with PG admin

My Favorite Video Games in Wes Anderson Style

I love using Midjourney and the matter of fact we have Wes Anderson in our universe. So I tried to reimagine some of my favorite video games in Wes Anderson style.

Docker Environment Variables vs Arguments

Docker how to set environment variables vs args and when to use what.

Learning SwiftUI by building a URL Shortener iOS App

From Objective-C to SwiftUI, rediscovering iOS Development through Building a URL Shortener App