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Hey, I am Ali! Builder of stuff.

As a detail-oriented software architect, I bring precision and passion to every project I tackle. From building cutting-edge software to exploring the latest trends in civic tech, gaming, and 3D printing, I am always pushing the boundaries of what's possible. In my free time, I enjoy sharing my insights and experiences through my blog, giving readers a glimpse into the exciting world of tech and innovation. Let's build something cool together!

Using Google Gemini to build Karachi Chal

The one time I built something for Karachi, the city of lights. A labor of love for my mother's city. Also how to use Google Gemini to build an AI-powered city guide.

ZenPad, A Minimal Markdown Editor for Distraction-Free Writing

The one time I made a markdown editor for myself

Sora, A New Horizon in AI-Generated Video Content

The one time openai released sora

Using Crew AI to detect fake news with your own LLM

The one time I used crew ai to detect fake news

Gesture Recognition with Python OpenCV

The one about when i taught myself how to recognize gesture with python